Jewels telling the tradition or our territory.

d-Wine comes from the idea of being able to wear one of the most well known symbols of italian conviviality and lifestyle.

Is it also a homage to female entrerpreneurs, who are becoming more and more acknowledged in the wine industry day after day.



The goldsmithery experience of ancient, quaint shops.

Our strength is in the handmade craftsmanship, just as the expert workers of our lands: we create jewelry starting from the design to delivery of the finished jewel. It is indeed our land and our people who gave us the idea that led to the creation of d -Wine.

It's with our wine experts that we came up with a special idea for your most precious moments: come and discover what we can do for you.



Craftsmen of tradition, always up-to-date.

Despite our artisan origin, we haven't neglected the innovation of our field: thanks to today's available CAD systems, the creativity of a goldsmith has a highly flexible and quick tool to achieve perfection in the tiniest detail.

To give a look to our creations, please visit our gallery.



Caldera Gioielli offers a wide range of services for your past, present and future jewelery.

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