d-Wine friends

d-Wine follows you along the wine road.


Where the best traditions are.

d-Wine seeks the best places to experience the very essence of our land and offers them in an exclusive way. Below you will find the list of venues selected for you, where you will find the relaxing atmosphere of our land, a good glass of wine and... d-Wine!

3 Bicchieri, Asti

3 Bicchieri Piazza Statuto 37, Asti, 14100 AT

3 Bicchieri +39 0141 324137


Salotto del Turista, Alba

Salotto del Turista Piazza S. Paolo 3, Alba, 12051 CN

Salotto del Turista +39 0173 226555

Salotto del Turista Salotto del Turista

Prima e Poi del Tornavento, Barbaresco

Prima e Poi del Tornavento Piazza del Municipio 30, Barbaresco, 12050 CN

Prima e Poi del Tornavento +39 0173 635121

Prima e Poi del Tornavento Prima e Poi del Tornavento

Laura's Restaurant at the 1┬░ floor of Hotel Palio, Asti

Hotel Palio Via Cavour 106, Asti, 14100 AT

Hotel Palio +39 0141 34371

Hotel Palio Hotel Palio